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Release Date: 2017-6-23 13:17:49

Print size Min 152x305mm
Max 330x660mm
Print amount Max 50mm
Card board size Min 152x152mm
Max 330x330mm
Card board amount Max 50mm
Card board thickness Min 0.2mm
Max 1.0mm
Page block thick Max 50mm
6" The time from start to 2nd print suction 17.0sec
The time between 2 prints 6.0sec
The time from last print suction to book out  24.0sec
8" The time from start to 2nd print suction 17.0sec
The time between 2 prints 6.5sec
The time from last print suction to book out  24.0sec
12" The time from start to 2nd print suction 23.0sec
The time between 2 prints 7.6sec
The time from last print suction to book out  24.0sec
18" The time from start to 2nd print suction
The time between 2 prints
The time from last print suction to book out 
POWER SUPPLY 220VAC single phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max 1300W
Machine size W x D x H 1.03x1.96x1.3m
Weight NET 500kg
Air supply Max pressure 0.6mpa 0.072㎥/min

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