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Lingtai High-Speed Type

Release Date: 2017-3-14 15:24:59

             Exposure method: red, green and blue three-color laser spot scanning.
             Laser stabilization system: Double laser stabilization system
             Operation: all Ming room operation, washing machine exposure machine directly connected
             Output media: photographic paper (film facing outward)
             Output resolution: 300ppi
             Exposure speed: 42 inches / min
             Considerable yield *: 49 square meters per hour
             Online carton: one
              Feeding method: single cut single exposure
             Paper width: 6-30 inches
             Maximum paper length: 100 inches
             Power: 220V / 50HZ single-phase AC
             Maximum power consumption: 500W
             Acceptable document format: tiff, jpg, bmp and other common formats
             Data communication: 1000M Ethernet
            * The equivalent of the production refers to the use of 30-inch wide-paper continuous exposure of the conversion of production, the actual production by layout length, data transmission and other factors, there are some differences.
Punch part:
             Power: 220V / 50HZ single-phase AC
             Power consumption: 6000W
             Washing process: RA-4 and compatible process
             Work cylinder: color was 26 liters 1, drift set 26 liters 1, stable 20 liters 3

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