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        Imetto Digital  Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in digital imaging technology and product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.


        The company has a technology development center, technology research and development strength reached the international advanced level. The company's project has been included in the Guangzhou Science and Technology Research Program, the national Torch Program. The company's leading product is a completely independent intellectual property rights of Thailand to Ling Tai series of laser digital photo amplifier output system. Tailai is the world's first 30-inch wide-width professional laser printer with full-length operation and output of more than 100 inches in length. The product has been widely used in domestic wedding photo output and other industries, and exported to Europe, The Americas, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, including the world countries and regions.

        In recent years, with the company's own independent research and development of automatic butterfly-mounted album on the successful installation of the market, easy to the United States plans in this new area, the industry to provide more and better automatic album production of a comprehensive solution The

        “To help customers a hand, and customers grow together "is the company's business philosophy," with international resources, making international products, an international brand, selling international market "is our development strategy," for the global customers to provide cost-effective quality products " , Is our assiduous goal

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