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In 1998, market research began to determine the development direction of laser digital printing camera.     
In 1999, we set up the research and development center of laser scanning technology in Colleges and universities, and began to develop the principle prototype.      
In 2000, yimeitu company was established.     
In 2001, the company began to develop its own production prototype and set up a project to tackle key scientific and technological problems in Guangzhou.    
In 2002, the prototype passed the acceptance of Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau.     
In 2003, we started the internal and customer testing of the production prototype, and set up a national Torch Program.      
In May 2005, venture capital fund was successfully introduced.     
In 2012, the world's first five in one automatic photo album machine was launched to the market.
In 2015, we successfully established a global album machine sales network in Switzerland, Japan, Brazil and other countries
In 2017, China's largest photo album factory successfully installed China's first k5hs.
In 2018, the global installed capacity will reach 400 + units.   The world's first 5-in-1 photo album machine with 3000P speed will be released in 2020


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