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1998 Begin market research on the development of a digital laser printer
1999 Establish a world class Development Center cooperates with an university
2000 Founding of Imetto Digital Imaging Technology
2003.10 Launched our first laser printer under the name of Tera32
2004.01 Incorporate color management, for the first time in Chinese photofinishing systems, in cooperation with Gretagmacbeth
2004.07 The first machine is exported to a Southeast Asian country
2004.10 Launched an enhanced mode, the Tera 32 Plus
2005.05 Received a major investment of venture capital
2005.06 In cooperation with Net Lab Plus, launched a digital minilab system
2005.07 Introduced a high-speed version, theTera32 Super, which is 2.3 times faster than the Tera32 Plus.
2006.04 Launched the 50-inch Zetta50
2007.01 Lucky becomes Imetto’s dealer
2007.09 Kodak becomes Imetto’s dearler
2007.10 Celebrates the 100th sales
2009.07 6th Generation laser printer (Lexta) is launched
2010.02 Lexta is the winner in DIMMA 2010
2010.07 Launch 40 inch photo printer: Yotta 40
2011.02 Start the project of Intelligent photo book solutions
2012.07 Success to launch prototype Intelligent photo book solutions


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