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Lexta 30

Release Date: 2017-6-19 11:54:42


Exposure technology:   RGB laser (solid state)

Printing material: RA4 compatible paper

Resolution:  300PPI/600PPI

Linear writing speed: 30 inch/min(SD) 

                               42 inch/min(HS) 

                               60 inch/min(SHS)

                               11 inch/min(in HD mode)                                

Online paper magazine: 1 or 2

Color:24 bit,precision 36 bit

Max. paper width :  30 inches

Max. paper width :  >100 inches*

Min.cut size :   12 inches

Operation method: Daylight operation, integrated with paper processor

Paper advance: Roll-to-sheet,single print cutting and exposure

Power supply: 220v;single phase AC;50HZ

Power consumption:500w

Acceptde file formats: tiff,jped and bmp etc. general format

Date transfer mode: 1000M fast Ethernet

Paper processor

Power supply : 220 V, Single phases AC, 50 HZ

Power consumption : 6 KW(SD,HS) 7KW(SHS)

Processor speed : 30 inch/min (SD)

                          42 inch/min (HS)

                          58 inch/min (SHS)

Chemical tank volumes : CD:26Lx1;BF:26Lx1;TB:20Lx3 (SD)

                                    CD:25Lx1;BF:25Lx1;TB:20Lx3 (HS)

                                    CD:40Lx1;BF:40Lx1;TB:30Lx3 (SHS)

Paper exit direction : Front side of dryer (SD,HS)

                               Back side of dryer (SHS)

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