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Important personnel change notice

Release Date: 2020-7-16 14:45:33

Notification letter of personnel change

Dear customers


Thank you for your trust and support to IMETTO DIGITAL  IMAGING  TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Due to the change of our company's personnel, Holden zhu, Liang, Gu Guoliang and Zhang Yongliang, who served for you, have left the company and no longer conduct business contact on behalf of Guangdong yimeitu Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. their future new business with your company has no relationship with our company. Our company will arrange other personnel (Sales: 18026215657 wechat with the same number; after-sales service: 13265054818 wechat with the same number) to serve you sincerely. I hope your company will give you cooperation and support. I believe our cooperation will go further. Let us work together to create a better tomorrow!


July 15, 2020

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